Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with the freshest coffee possible. To provide enough varieties of coffee (From single origins to blends) to keep the tasting journey interesting, exploring the unique tastes that different regions can provide us.


Our coffee is carefully roasted on a beautiful 15K GENIO PRO. These roasters are very capable, with great control over the roasting inputs. This coupled together with Artisan data logging software makes a easy to manage and repeatable roast system.

This is next to the last leg of the coffee’s journey. The last one is the trip into your hands.

Data Logging

Data logging is a large part of the roasting experience. Many roasters will say that they can roast better using only sensory feedback (sight, smell & sound) but to truly produce consistent tasting coffees an accurate method of measurement needs to be utilized. Artisan software coupled with fast thermocouple probes does this for us.

The environmental temps, airflow, burner settings and bean mass are all monitored as they progress through different phases of the roast. This dynamic interplay between energy inputs and a biological product is a constantly moving target that the software helps the roastmaster stay ahead of.

Not only does Artisan graph a roast in real time, but also allows previous, good tasting, roast profiles to be set as backgrounds and then followed in succeeding roasts of the same coffee. This helps us achieve quality, consistent, great tasting coffee in your cup

Coffee Suppliers

We are always looking for new and better coffees. Our network of importers, co-op’s and farmers have enabled us to provide coffees that help us balance cost with quality. As much as possible we buy Ethical Trade instead of (un)Fair Trade. Direct from the farmer is best, but co-op groups and hardworking importers are great as well. Transparency throughout the supply chain, including farm and regional info, is our desire. To achieve great results in your cup, we look for consistency and quality in the green coffee we roast. A great coffee experience comes from careful roasting but just as importantly by sourcing quality greens from trusted sources that are transparent and ethical.