Fresh Coffee,
Much more than just a commodity, it’s about community and relationships. We would like to grow appreciation for the love and efforts given to the coffee on it’s long journey to your cup. By sharing knowledge and careful roasting, a positive connection is made between the producer and you, the consumer.
Making a difference in our world, together!


Let’s get together in your service to others.

Our wholesale offering is simple, helping you with both your quantity and quality coffee needs. Whatever your business or group setting, we are dedicated to your long term success. Coffee shops, the hospitality industry, a medical facility, maybe you’re operating a restaurant? That’s what we do! Needing to provide for a church group, event or fund raiser? Or you’re a roaster needing to keep your overhead down? We can toll roast for you. We want to help you help others, making sure that you not only have great coffee, but also the foundation necessary to consistently satisfy your clients and customers.

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Single Origin

Sumatra – Harimau


Single Origin

PNG Kindeng PB